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Endless Tracks has been created by Peter and Wendy Watkins who are travelling the world.

Endless Tracks is all about travelling close to the ground, meeting local people, eating local food and taking local transport.  Endless Tracks seeks out the sights less seen and the places less known and we want to share these with you.

We have eclectic interests; photography, local culture, textiles, nature, mountains. We will be sharing posts about these and more as we trek and travel around.

We travel with a backpack and a camera each and delight in sitting and chatting with local people about their daily lives. Endless tracks will keep you up to date as we trek and travel our way around the world.

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Historic Jesuit Churches in Chiloe

The island of Chiloe, one of the regions of Chile, has many churches built by the Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries dating from the mid 18th century. They are built of wood and have a facade with a porch and a tower to hold bells. the building behind the facade is a...

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Goodbye Valparaiso

We are leaving Valparaiso after 9 days. We have grown fond of this city in all it's faded, crumbling glory. It has suffered from earthquakes and tremors, the salt air and lack of resources to keep the buildings in pristine condition. This has endeared Valpo, we've...

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Street Art in Valparaiso

Valparaiso is a city of many personalities. It has a long history as an important port city that supplied Santiago and became the home of the Chilean Navy. The buildings clustered around the flat area in front of the docks are grand and speak of the grander times of...

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We Have Arrived in Santiago!

Here we are in Santiago at the beginning of our eight month journey around South America. We are staying in an apartment in an area called Barrio Lastarria, set amongst lovely streets with trendy cafes and restaurants. We have been out walking and seeing the sights...

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Hunting for Textiles in Nepal

On my last visit I was hunting for textiles in Nepal. I find that most places I visit have a specific type of textile that is used in  a quite specific manner.  In Nepal I was looking for two specific textiles, one traditionally used by the Sherpa group and one from...

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Endless Tracks is going to Nepal

Endless Tracks is going to Nepal so will be a bit quiet for the next few weeks as I pull on my boots and go trekking again.  I will be in the Everest region following the route of the 3 High Passes.  Along the way I will be seeing and photographing 4 of the 8000m...

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Walking The Tour du Mont Blanc

Walking in the French alps is like applying balm to your senses.  The beautiful scenery, the good food and the friendly people all add up to a memorable experience.  Walking the Tour du Mont Blanc is exhilarating, even life changing. The walk takes you around the Mt...

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5 Tips for Training for a Trek in Nepal

Are you planning a trek in Nepal?  You have made a great choice! Maybe you are wondering whether you need to train? Unless you are really, really fit the answer is a resounding YES!  As most treks in Nepal are strenuous and you trek to high altitudes, you need to be...

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Tea House Trekking in Nepal

Tea House trekking in Nepal gives you the opportunity to meet some locals and to experience the generosity of the people of Nepal. It is common to stay overnight in Tea Houses when trekking in Nepal.  As the name suggests you can get tea and also food at tea houses...

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We are Peter and Wendy Watkins, passionate travellers and photographers with a love of trekking in mountains, local culture and textiles, nature and history. We love to go beyond where we have been before and to have experiences we have not even dreamed about!

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