Here we are in Santiago at the beginning of our eight month journey around South America.
We are staying in an apartment in an area called Barrio Lastarria, set amongst lovely streets with trendy cafes and restaurants. We have been out walking and seeing the sights each day.

The Museo de Arte Precolumbino houses a beautiful collection of textiles(no photos allowed) and pottery and metal objects from centuries ago up until the time when Columbus first arrived in the Americas.

We visited the Cathedral Metropolitana in Plaza de Armas. It has intricate marble work and exquisitely painted murals. It is the main cathedral in Chile and is huge while maintaining an ambiance of serenity.

Later we joined a walking tour called ‘Offbeat Santiago’ organised by Tours4Tips. during the three hour tour we visited three markets and finished at the a very historic cemetery.

Along the way our guide gave us an insight into the politics of the Chile, particularly about the hardships faced by the people during the years of dictatorship.To complete that day we visited the Museum of Memories, a beautifully curated museum dedicated to those who suffered during the ’70’s and ’80’s.

Everywhere we walk in Santiago we see street art on every surface. It is best seen before the stores and businesses open for business as much of it is painted on the window shutters and gates.