I’m sure there is! Your adventurer may just be hiding, just a little bit shy because it sounds scary to go beyond what you know but actually it is not at all.

Adventure travel is about stepping outside your comfort zone. It is all about finding a way to see the place that you are visiting differently and in more depth and this can be achieved in mini steps if you want.

Adventure travel means different things to different people.

To some it may mean taking an overnight train in China; to others it is eating street food in a new and very different city. Maybe it means walking the Camino for 40 days, trekking in Nepal or tackling a semi technical ascent of a volcano in Ecuador. It may also mean taking that first step and booking a flight to a country you know very little about.

Adventure travel is to be bold! To strive to find that experience that is so special it makes you want to tell everyone about it. You just have to be brave enough to go down a few streets or alleyways that are not in a guidebook. Book yourself on a self guided tour or find a guide to get you to the little temple you can see at the top of the mountain just out of town. Sometimes your efforts will lead to nothing but when you do find that wonderful place to eat, the perfect sunset or the man with the fruit cart selling perfect fruit, it is like finding gold.

The adventures in this blog are all about getting the most out of your travels. I will not be writing about extreme sports but about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you have never experienced before. There is the opportunity to find adventure every time you travel. Go by local bus instead of a private car; take a train instead of flying. Trek to places inaccessible by any other means. Trekking will feature strongly in most posts because it is the way I like to travel. Trekking allows you to travel slow and steady and it is a great way to see places and meet the people who live away from the well-worn track.

Every holiday, whatever the length, can be an adventure and it is adventures that make memories and those memories last a lifetime.

I will be writing about how to get the most from your travels, meeting the locals, eating local food, staying in local homes and hotels and travelling on local transport.

So, is there an adventurer in you? Find it and be rewarded.

I always love to hear from you about your plans, travel stories or answer your questions so you can add your comments below.