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Endless Tracks has been created by Peter and Wendy Watkins who are travelling the world.

Endless Tracks is all about travelling close to the ground, meeting local people, eating local food and taking local transport.  Endless Tracks seeks out the sights less seen and the places less known and we want to share these with you.

We have eclectic interests; photography, local culture, textiles, nature, mountains. We will be sharing posts about these and more as we trek and travel around.

We travel with a backpack and a camera each and delight in sitting and chatting with local people about their daily lives. Endless tracks will keep you up to date as we trek and travel our way around the world.

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Packing for a Trek – Some Pointers

Packing for a trek can seem daunting.  It is easy to take too much and a disaster to take too little.  With some careful planning you can take just the right amount. When packing for 1 week, 3 weeks or 2 months you need the same basic items, for a longer time you just...

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Packing List for Trekking in Nepal

Here is a list of all the items I take with me when trekking in mountainous regions.  When you go above 4000m it will be cold at any time of the year hence the inclusion of some very warm clothes.  I am going to use this list when I go back to Nepal in October.  I was...

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Suitcase or Backpack

I had an epiphany moment a few years ago when I swapped my suitcase for a backpack.  Since then I have not travelled on holidays with a suitcase and I have never looked back.  This moment occurred after hauling a wheeled suitcase over the cobblestones of Europe for 6...

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Is there an Adventurer in you?

I'm sure there is! Your adventurer may just be hiding, just a little bit shy because it sounds scary to go beyond what you know but actually it is not at all. Adventure travel is about stepping outside your comfort zone. It is all about finding a way to see the place...

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About Us

We are Peter and Wendy Watkins, passionate travellers and photographers with a love of trekking in mountains, local culture and textiles, nature and history. We love to go beyond where we have been before and to have experiences we have not even dreamed about!

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